Sunday, October 19, 2008

Minnesota Fun Time

Hello from Minnesota - have been here all weekend; but as usual, when you are having fun, the time just doesn't sit still.

We got here early Friday morning (like about 1:30am). It's always so nice to see family, especially when you haven't seen them for months at a time. The other day, we went for a walk; the whole family. This was an attempt to get my son walking at least three times a week. It was a beautiful day and the walk was wonderful. I took pictures all the way to the park and all the way back. On the way back, Mom and Dad decided to have a race to see who could run the fastest. Due to Dad cheating a little bit; he won. They decided to try again and this time, Dad won by a small margin. Dad used to be a champ in cross country relays in high school and made a record. Two years ago, someone broke the record. Now you can see why I want to encourage him to walk; it's because I want him to have good health and be here for a long time.

His birthday was last week and I am behind in getting his present; therefore, since I noticed there is a basketball court at the park; I intend to buy him a basketball.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

"There's a Mouse In the House!

It is getting cold and during this time of year you start to get unwanted guests. Last Friday (10-3-08), I was straightening up things in the bedroom. When I started out, I looked across the floor in the living room and saw a mouse running across the floor. I panicked and ran back into the bedroom and shut the door. I was sitting in a chair pondering what to do when a friend (church member) called. I told her about the mouse and she asked me if I wanted her to come over. I immediately said "yes" however my front door was locked. She advised me to go to the front door and unlock it. I reminded her of the mouse out there. She said to make a mad dash through the living room and surely the mouse has probably run somewhere else in the house. I started running toward the door when suddenly the mouse appeared. There is a small couch right there against the wall before you get to the door. I looked up and the mouse came flying straight up from behind the couch. I screamed and ran out the front door. I stood out there at least for ten or more minutes, waiting for my friend to get here. This little mouse was very bold. He would go under the couch and peek out at me, turning his head from one side to the other. That was before I went out the door. I kept looking in and it seemed as though I saw the mouse running back and forth from the couch to the wall across from the couch. Then I began to reason with myself -- "why are you standing outside letting a mouse run you out of your own house, after all is he paying the rent here? However, I continued to wait for my friend. When she arrived, she informed me that she was afraid of mice also. We went into the house; she had a broom, and kept pushing it under the couch, but no mouse. Then she told me to go get some D-Con "rat" killer and put it down; as that would surely kill the mouse. I then went to the mall and got some D-Con mouse and rat killer. There were four little containers, each containing the little green nougets (sp)for the mouse to eat. First I placed one under the couch and three other places in the house. I came in the house, did what I had to do, telling myself that I was going to trust in the Lord that I would not see it again, so far, so good. I have two sons who live here and they both are scared of mice and also my brother (no help there). So far, in trusting the Lord, I haven't seen it; perhaps it got hungry and ate the food I put down for him.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Obama's Anger Problem?

This morning I came across a news item on the internet that is entitled "Obama's Anger Problem." However, as I began to read it, I was surprised to see that people are complaining about the fact that he does NOT get angry and not only are they are calling this weakness but are calling Obama a wuss among other things. Now they are using this lame excuse for trying to say he could not run this country. I see this as another way to try and sabatoge his campaign. What will they come up with next?

Below is the comment I made on the site where I read this ignorance:

I'm sorry that people cannot see that someone who does not act like a raving maniac like everyone seems to want him to do, is something other than weakness. I believe that Obama has class and he knows how to carry himself well. I see that as being a strong person because anyone who can put up with the grief he has been getting from all of you without loosing his cool is a very strong person and would be someone we would need to run this country like the sane adult that he is. I think that too many of you are watching too much of the violence on television that is dominating this country and that is sad because that seems to be what is causing a lot of the real violence, killing, etc. It's about time we are able to see and start to appreciate someone who can keep his cool and not act like an animal.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Tonight I went to an Evangelistic meeting put on by my church. When I got home I had a message on my phone mail. It was a young lady who attends my church. She asked me to call and give her my definition of "trust." This is what I said. "Trust," is the art of knowing without a doubt that you can count on something or someone to never let you down. One example that comes to mind is sometimes when I am driving over a bridge, a thought comes to mind, "will this bridge cave in?" I don't stop and go back for fear I won't make it, because my trust in God keeps me going. Trust is not doubting, but knowing.

Tag: What is your definition of "Trust?"

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Tomorrow September 18, 2008 will be the birthday of a very special person in my life. He is a great basketball player; in fact, he beats his dad all the time. He excels in Karati (sp), in fact, he's an all around athlete. My special person gets pretty much all "A's" at the Christian school he attends; and He loves "Spiderman." Even though he has to be redirected from time to time, gets his dad into trouble, keeps mommy in line, doesn't like to kiss his grandmothers because we are "old and have gray hair," doesn't like to be told he's cute, even though he is a cutie with big pretty eyes that talk, he's a pretty special kid if I have to say so myself. My special little man will be seven-years-old and I wish I could be there to share his birthday with him.

Who is this special young man?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY "K," Buck's little son. I LOVE YOU, from Grandma "Momma Bear."

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Retirement Review

Things are starting to calm down for now. Hopefully I will get a chance to pretty much get used to not going to work. I do, however, plan to take some courses at a local two-year college, at the beginning of next year just to keep myself updated. Who knows, I may just join the people who went back to working part time just because they couldn't afford to live on their social security check. I am in the process of just trying to figure it out according to my budget.

Following is a preview of what I did last week.

Sunday - took a neighbor to the emergency room at Lutheran Hospital.

Monday - Took my dad to the emergency room at Lutheran Hospital.

Tuesday - visited my nephew at Mercy Hospital.

Wednesday - visited my nephew at Lutheran Hospital.

Thursday - visited my niece at Methodist Hospital.

Friday - went to the emergency room at Lutheran Hospital on behalf of my ex-sister-in law.

Saturday - went to church -- God is good and is in the healing process.

My neighbor and my dad are alright and are back home. My nephew is still in the hospital but things are improving. My niece is still in the hospital as she is pregnant and has been put on bed rest to keep the baby from coming too early. My ex-sister-in-law, who lives in a nursing home with Alzheimers disease did not need to be admitted to the hospital.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Why Vote for a Person because of His/her Race or Gender?

This is not a hate post by all means; I am just expressing things as I have seen for myself in the early years of my life and had been taught. I was born in 1942 and from what I learned as a child is, when the black man was brought here from Africa, the white man perceived him to be an animal and said they had tails. They were treated worse than animals and not allowed to be educated in any way. It is my opinion that we as African Americans have been looked down on by almost everyone, and in fact, I have seen pets treated more like family/humans and with more love then black people who are human beings with brains,feelings and everything any person of any race has. They were created by God, are very capable of learning interacting as decent respectful human beings and becoming great men and women. In fact I would say that in spite of our horrible origin here in the states, we have immersed, into intellectual, fine and strong human beings. Of course, things are a lot better today.

This is a comment I wrote on Brotha Buck’s blog because one of his other commentors seemed to be criticizing him because in one of his previous blog posts, Buck stated he was voting for Obama because he is black.

Voting for Obama because he's black to me is a statement that we would like to see a black man win, mainly because he deserves to and not see a black man who is just as capable of running the country as well as any white man/woman can,lose because he's black and he can't possibly win; he's allowed to run to appease him and/or the blacks.

To see Obama win would tell me that perhaps the country has seen a black man for what he can do, his good qualities, his professionalism, his capabilities and that he is just as capable of running the country as any one can. Actually, it is good to see some blacks supporting one another and coming together as a race to help a fellow black American. Most Black people have been known not to support each other but rather turn their backs on their own race.

I’m sure that many women voted for Hilary because of her being a woman and many people will vote for Palin because she’s a woman.

This is a great country and everybody who has been blessed by God to be a citizen should appreciate being here.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Grin and Bear It?

I am just venting again. I know the Bible says that “whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also". Matthew 5:39. I am a Seventh Day Adventist Christian; therefore, I attend church on Saturdays.

For the past 18 or 19 years, I have been teaching the Cradle Roll class (children, age 0-6) during our Sabbath School time (like Sunday School). This year I gave it up and let another member take the class. She is relatively new to our church and was a Cradle Roll Sabbath School Teacher in her former church. She has accepted many positions in the church; therefore, she keeps busy. I am in an adult class now and am the secretary. A while back, the current teacher and the pastor asked if anyone would be willing to help her out from time to time if the need came up, and I volunteered to do it. However, during the past couple of months, I have come to Sabbath School at least five times only to learn that I needed to teach her class because she was not there. I don’t mind doing it, but it unnerves me when I’m not told before hand; therefore, when I go to teach the class, I have no idea what the curriculum is and where her lessons are. Last week when I arrived, there was another member teaching her class. When I arrived today, again I was informed that the teacher was not there and again I had to take her class without any lessons, etc. When I asked the other member if she had been asked to teach the class last week, she said “no.” I shared with her my dilemma and she told me to just come prepared, meaning don’t complain, just be ready to do it. I then felt guilty for being upset about it.

I am also the Assistant Adventist Youth (AY) Leader and twice a month, the AY leader and I are responsible for doing the program. I contacted the youth leader earlier today and asked her if she had anything planned for today’s program and she told me no, so I told her I had something in place for us. She told me to type it out, bring it and get copies for her so she could follow along. I worked all afternoon on the program which I had planned a few weeks before and shared my ideas with her. I went to church and got there a half hour early so I could set up for my program. When I went up front to start the program with songs, the AY Leader came in and informed me that they had planned another program this afternoon and asked if we could do mine on another day. I became frustrated and told her okay; therefore, we took down the items I had for my program. I was upset for a while but then decided to let go because I would feel guilty about being frustrated about it and she had been understanding on a few times when I was unable to make it for the program; however, I always checked it out with her and asked if it was okay if I had to miss because I needed to watch my grandson and she would tell me not to worry about it. The communication in our church is not good at all. Sometimes I now wonder if I am supposed to be upset when things like this happens because I am always made to feel guilty by others when I so get frustrated.

Friday, July 18, 2008


My dad's birthday is today and my number 3 son's was yesterday. I got daddy's mixed up and had him thinking his birthday was yesterday, because for some reason I thought the same thing. I called him up; sang happy birthday to him and throughout the day I called and wished him a happy birthday. My brother and I had given him his present early. Anyhow I woke up this morning and realized that today is the 18th of July and not yesterday; therefore, I must call and inform daddy that I got it mixed up and he will have to put up with me celebrating his birthday again today. What makes it so bad, number 3 son's birthday was yesterday and I was celebrating his also. I called him and sang him the birthday song, etc., not realizing I was celebrating two birthdays on the same day. Number 3 son was born on July 17th and daddy, July 18th.

After sharing this with a couple of my friends, read what they had to say:

"It must be something about retirement. I thought all day yesterday that it was Wednesday until last evening when I asked Cindi a question about Thursday, She corrected me on the day and then I realized that I was supposed to be at a meeting. Needless to say, I missed the meeting......."

"It’s OK. I went a whole year thinking I was a year older than I actually was. My daddy’s birthday was yesterday also." (And this one is not retired yet).

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Friends and family members keep asking me if I am sad; you see, I have been on the same job for 25 years. "Are you kidding?" is my reply. No, I am not sad. My retirement party is tomorrow and I believe the only tears shed by me will be of joy. Thank the Lord he let me live and work as long as I have. Today I walked two miles at the lake in the hot sun. No more of that -- I will go in the morning when it is cooler. Everyone keeps telling me I will be bored. Not I said the fly. By the Grace of God, I have plans of what I will do and hopefully I will get to do it. There are a lot of things I need to do around the house and that will take some time, such as painting the back porch and bathroom; clearing out my attic closet, scrapbooking, having lunch with friends, spending time with my 87 year old dad and appreciating him while I can and also an elderly friend that I have, enhance my church duties and definitely spend more time with the Lord, take some courses, visit the wellness center a couple times a week, house work, garage sales, going to visit my grandchildren, spending more time in the yard, and many other things. I may be retired from work but I'm not retired from living yet. The Lord is good and I thank him for allowing me to live long enough to retire and prayerfully enough time to enjoy my retirement and to get closer to Him.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Guess where I am -- Clear Water, Florida -- yea, yea, yea. I am visiting here with my number two son and his family, then we will go to Orlando and catch up Number one son and family for a very fun vacation. Haven't seen number one son and his family for two years and I am anxious to meet up with them. THANK YOU JESUS -- he has been sooo good; watching over us, helping us to have traveling mercies the two days it took to get us here. I have never seen anything so beautiful as the sites I've seen here, except when we went on our cruise. If someone had told me perhaps ten years or more ago that I would fly in a plane, go on a cruise and/or even go to Florida, I would have said "no, it will never happen" so as I always say; never say never. The Lord is good, his mercy is everlasting and his truth endureth to all generations!!!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Remembering a Sad Day!

“Did you hear about Sally?” were the words I heard one December morning (12-3-08), when I answered the phone at work. My heart began to sink as I answered “no.” Then the voice at the other end said “she died.” I can still hear those words sometimes in my mind. Unbelief continues to cross my mind at times. I am still very sad to have lost a very good friend who was a devout Christian who had the love of God in her mind and soul, a dedicated prayer warrior and a good influence on me spiritually. Her last words were “call Dr. Jesus.”

Tomorrow (5-26-08) is Memorial Day. I went to the grave yard today to decorate my mother’s grave because it is expected to rain tomorrow. Shortly after putting the flowers on my mother’s grave, my son, who went with me along with his wife and son, helped me to find Sally’s grave. I stood over her grave for a moment and after a few minutes could not stand there any longer. I didn't decorate it because I knew that she wouldn't have wanted it. I think she didn't believe in going out to decorate graves. It may have had something to do with the Scripture when Jesus told one of his Disciples to "let the dead bury their own dead."

Here is a poem I wrote in her honor.

Why Did You Leave?

Why did you leave us?
You were so dear.
God said he would not put on
us any more than we could bear.

The Lord swooped down
One day to take you away.
This was not real, so it seemed
I hoped and hoped it was a bad dream.

I was livid and did not understand
Why such an Angel as you
was taken from our land.

Did I question God as to why
You had to go?

I ask His forgiveness for answers
I need not know.

I need to trust that He knows the way.
The plans for us he has already made.

Monday, April 28, 2008

A Special Visitor

Last week I was at work. I had walked away from my desk when I looked out the window and who did I see? Why my little one year old grandson and his "mommy." I was thrilled and a big smile came across my face. Mommy brought him in and when he saw me, he smiled. He knows his grandma, I make sure of that. Of course "grandma" took him around so everyone could see him, after all, they hear about him and the rest of my grandkids, kids and daughter-in-laws all the time.

I know, I know, I shouldn't be talking to my co-workers all the time about my kids/grandkids, at least my mother used to tell me that. She told me people would get tired of listening to me. That's probably true but I could not help myself. Anyway, he went walking down the hall and I was right in back of him.

Most people say their babies get into everything; I say my grandson investigates everything. He is very smart. We took him outside for a walk and when he saw a van in the parking lot with big tires, he was so excited and kept saying "wheels, wheels, wheels." He identifies objects simply because mom teaches him expecially from books. He has always loved to be read to pretty much from day one.

Anyway, while outdoors, he sat on the sidewalk and discovered some little twigs on the ground and picked up a couple and played with them for a moment. The next day when I arrived at work, I saw one of the twigs and decided that sometime during the day I would pick it up take it home and put it in the scrapbook I'm doing. Later on, while on my way to lunch, I saw a bird in the parking lot with a twig that looked like the one I was after. teasingly I thought, "that bird has my twig" but I wasn't going to chase him for it. However, when I got back from lunch, there was my twig just where it had been all morning, so I picked it up and put it in my purse.

What a crock - huh? Just someone who really loves her grandchildren. :-)

He Came to

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Can You Believe It?

My youngest grandson is a year old already! He just celebrated his first birthday last week. Also on the same day, he got his first haircut. It was fun watching him and taking a lot of pictures. He started out doing fairly good but when the barber, who happens to be my brother, turned on his clippers, our little man began to squirm and shortly after that, the tears came down the cute little cheeks. The haircut came out good for the amount of head turning, squirming and crying he did. "B" is such a cute little guy and he is also well loved by all. He is now beginning to take steps and starting to walk. Mom and Dad have been waiting for this day. I told them that when the baby starts to walk, he will utterly be into everything, and to be truthful, he has been very mobil on his knees. I just can't describe how much fun it has been just having the pleasure of watching him while Mom and Dad enjoy some together time and grandma enjoys some grandson time. I could go on and on but for now, I will just thank the Lord for giving me such an awesome family.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

How Do You Pray for Someone Who is Terminally Ill?

I have a long time friend and church member who has had throat Cancer for quite some time. Six months ago, his doctor gave him six months to live and today I found out that he is in his last stages of this disease. He and his wife are both devout Christians -- simply beautiful people. My heart has been heavy for them. Today I visited their home and had a lengthy conversation with his wife. After our conversation, I took her hand in prayer. I kind of stumbled through the prayer for I had no idea how to address this situation to God. I know that nothing is impossible with God; that if you have great faith (I mean as Jesus walked on water because of his strong faith). How can you pray for someone you know is dying and yet you ask the Lord for healing? Yet I know how much he is in pain and suffering. I don't want to pray for death for anyone even though I know that there would be no more suffering. When seeking the Lord for healing,you have to really know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God will heal.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


In my opinion Barack Obama was not expected to do this well in the run for President. He's getting too close, and just like I feel this country is not ready for a woman president, they are NOT ready for a black one. For a short time, I wondered how his campaign would be sabotaged and I'm not surprised that the Muslim card is being played. Let's see how far this will go. No matter what, it seems as though his campaign will either be slowed down and/or maybe even shut down. Even though we have come a long way as far as racism is concerned, with people like Colin Powell, Condolessa Rice, Clarence Thomas, and many other black dignitaries being in the high positions they hold, we still have a ways to go, plus perhaps, we may not find the light at the end of this tunnel in (I'll say) my life time any how. This is not an attempt to put down our country, this is just my opinion and I am merely exercising my right to freedom of speech.

There are many reasons I admire Senator Obama and I believe he would make a great President. My prayer is that God's will be done in this whole situation and the right/best person for the job will end up in office.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


This is my sentiment to all of those out there who have the nerve to sit in judgment on anyone. The Bible says “we have ALL sinned and come short of the glory of God,” so why is McCain being ripped apart for something that he may or may not have done in the past.

I am not a Republican; however, I am upset over the way that candidates for President are raked over the coals by the media and those who start gossip just because in my opinion they want to be in the spotlight or to become famous at someone else’s expense. Those of you who leaked out or brought out the alleged affair between John McCain and his co-worker, I will be the first to say that to commit adultery is wrong but if I had a dollar for every man or woman in high offices or otherwise, who has been guilty of it, I would probably have more money than Warren Buffet.

This is so disgusting that the media is making such a fuss over something that to my knowledge has not even been proven yet. As I say – GET OVER YOURSELF! Get a life and quit trying to get ahead at someone else’s expense.

Even though I am an Obama constituent, I really detest what is going on against McCain. In my opinion, he looks to be a person on the straight and narrow. People do change -- what he may have done at a younger age does not mean he is still capable of adultry. We are trying to elect a president, not dig up dirt on the candidates who wish to run our country. The Bible also states something to the effect, before you try to remove the mote out of someone else's eye, first get it out of your own eye. Everyone must be careful about sitting in judgment on people because the Bible says something like judge not that you will be judged, for what measure you judge another, you will also be judged. Before you decide to accuse another, take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself, "am I perfect, and if you are honest, the answer will be "no."

Monday, January 21, 2008


Wow, I am learning how to really scrapbook! A co-worker who is very creative and does a lot of scrapbooking in her spare time, invited me to join her for an overnighter and scrapbooking session. I learned so much from her and did not realize I had sooooo many pictures of my grandchildren. I thought that one of my books would be enough to do sections for each grandchild -- WRONG! There is only enough pages to handle some of the pictures of my granddaughters so consequently, I'll have to get a separate scrapbook for the boys.

It is so much fun if you like being creative. It does take quite a while to decorate even one page, but it was fascinating to see how each page cames out after I was finished with it. Although I haven't gotten to the place that my projects look as professional as P's, my co-worker's, I am still excited about the hobby and look forward to doing a whole lot more.

We went to "Hobby Lobby" to get more stuff and they had a sale going. That was not good because when I saw all the things that were on sale, I wanted to buy out the place. unfortunately, I went over the budget, especially when later on in the day, I remembered that I had to purchase some medicine which was equally as expensive. Now I have to pray that I won't be in trouble financially before my next payday.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


I always thought that to retire was just to quit working, have a retirement party and go on with you life. WELLLLLL, it's not that simple. Let me tell you, there's more work to retirement than working 8 hours a day on your job. Actually that is a exaggeration, but preparing for retirement is definitely NOT easy. First I had to apply for my benefits, then apply for Medicare Part A, then later on, it's applying for Part B, then C and D whatever they are. I understand that Part A or B will be $95 or something like that a month. Then I have to get busy and find a dentist that will take Medicare; figure out whether or not I want to pay to keep the life insurance that is currently paid for by the company at which I work.

I thought I was well into the process and was on my way to find the light at the end of this tunnel, however, someone informed me last week that I'm not halfway through yet. I had figured out my monthly benefits and decided that it wasn't going to be too bad. I would be able to make ends meet and perhaps have a little bit left over. WRONG! By the time I pay for health insurance, life insurance (which I already have with another company), dental insurance and whatever else I find out that will add to my monthly expenses (property taxes, regular taxes) WILL I HAVE ANY MONEY LEFT TO BASICALLY LIVE ON! It looks like I am going to have to join many others who have gotten part-time jobs to make it. I pray to God that this will not happen to me because I always dreamed that my retirement will consist of visiting grandchildren whenever I want for as long as I want. Shhhhh! Don't tell my children, I do not want them to know that they may have to put up with mama for perhaps more than a week or two. Ha, ha, Isn't that great? You all pray for me out there that at least I will completely finish the retirement preparation so I may be able to live my life without complications. Can I get an Amen?