Sunday, October 19, 2008

Minnesota Fun Time

Hello from Minnesota - have been here all weekend; but as usual, when you are having fun, the time just doesn't sit still.

We got here early Friday morning (like about 1:30am). It's always so nice to see family, especially when you haven't seen them for months at a time. The other day, we went for a walk; the whole family. This was an attempt to get my son walking at least three times a week. It was a beautiful day and the walk was wonderful. I took pictures all the way to the park and all the way back. On the way back, Mom and Dad decided to have a race to see who could run the fastest. Due to Dad cheating a little bit; he won. They decided to try again and this time, Dad won by a small margin. Dad used to be a champ in cross country relays in high school and made a record. Two years ago, someone broke the record. Now you can see why I want to encourage him to walk; it's because I want him to have good health and be here for a long time.

His birthday was last week and I am behind in getting his present; therefore, since I noticed there is a basketball court at the park; I intend to buy him a basketball.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

"There's a Mouse In the House!

It is getting cold and during this time of year you start to get unwanted guests. Last Friday (10-3-08), I was straightening up things in the bedroom. When I started out, I looked across the floor in the living room and saw a mouse running across the floor. I panicked and ran back into the bedroom and shut the door. I was sitting in a chair pondering what to do when a friend (church member) called. I told her about the mouse and she asked me if I wanted her to come over. I immediately said "yes" however my front door was locked. She advised me to go to the front door and unlock it. I reminded her of the mouse out there. She said to make a mad dash through the living room and surely the mouse has probably run somewhere else in the house. I started running toward the door when suddenly the mouse appeared. There is a small couch right there against the wall before you get to the door. I looked up and the mouse came flying straight up from behind the couch. I screamed and ran out the front door. I stood out there at least for ten or more minutes, waiting for my friend to get here. This little mouse was very bold. He would go under the couch and peek out at me, turning his head from one side to the other. That was before I went out the door. I kept looking in and it seemed as though I saw the mouse running back and forth from the couch to the wall across from the couch. Then I began to reason with myself -- "why are you standing outside letting a mouse run you out of your own house, after all is he paying the rent here? However, I continued to wait for my friend. When she arrived, she informed me that she was afraid of mice also. We went into the house; she had a broom, and kept pushing it under the couch, but no mouse. Then she told me to go get some D-Con "rat" killer and put it down; as that would surely kill the mouse. I then went to the mall and got some D-Con mouse and rat killer. There were four little containers, each containing the little green nougets (sp)for the mouse to eat. First I placed one under the couch and three other places in the house. I came in the house, did what I had to do, telling myself that I was going to trust in the Lord that I would not see it again, so far, so good. I have two sons who live here and they both are scared of mice and also my brother (no help there). So far, in trusting the Lord, I haven't seen it; perhaps it got hungry and ate the food I put down for him.