Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Can You Believe It?

My youngest grandson is a year old already! He just celebrated his first birthday last week. Also on the same day, he got his first haircut. It was fun watching him and taking a lot of pictures. He started out doing fairly good but when the barber, who happens to be my brother, turned on his clippers, our little man began to squirm and shortly after that, the tears came down the cute little cheeks. The haircut came out good for the amount of head turning, squirming and crying he did. "B" is such a cute little guy and he is also well loved by all. He is now beginning to take steps and starting to walk. Mom and Dad have been waiting for this day. I told them that when the baby starts to walk, he will utterly be into everything, and to be truthful, he has been very mobil on his knees. I just can't describe how much fun it has been just having the pleasure of watching him while Mom and Dad enjoy some together time and grandma enjoys some grandson time. I could go on and on but for now, I will just thank the Lord for giving me such an awesome family.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

How Do You Pray for Someone Who is Terminally Ill?

I have a long time friend and church member who has had throat Cancer for quite some time. Six months ago, his doctor gave him six months to live and today I found out that he is in his last stages of this disease. He and his wife are both devout Christians -- simply beautiful people. My heart has been heavy for them. Today I visited their home and had a lengthy conversation with his wife. After our conversation, I took her hand in prayer. I kind of stumbled through the prayer for I had no idea how to address this situation to God. I know that nothing is impossible with God; that if you have great faith (I mean as Jesus walked on water because of his strong faith). How can you pray for someone you know is dying and yet you ask the Lord for healing? Yet I know how much he is in pain and suffering. I don't want to pray for death for anyone even though I know that there would be no more suffering. When seeking the Lord for healing,you have to really know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God will heal.