Sunday, March 8, 2009


I am saddened by all of the negative publicity about Jason Mesnick,from the "Bachelor." In an article I read earlier today, Jason was referred to as "the most hated man". I DO NOT HATE HIM! There are two sides to every story. I saw him when he was rejected on the same program by a bachelorette before he became the bachelor. Jason was deeply hurt and I saw a geninue guy with real feelings. Granted, he did not have to humilate Melissa on the program by dumping her on television, but I feel that he was genuinely sorry for doing so. We don't know what Melissa could have done to show her true colors to make Jason change his mind. He admitted falling in love with both women, but somehow, Melissa must have had another side of her which apparently came out and made Jason see he had made a mistake. EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES. When Jason cried, I believe it was genuine and I resent comments from people saying he cried like a girl. I saw a man who was genuinely sorry for what he did; that is why he cried. It is not bad for a man to cry. The former bachelor, Andrew Firestone, is no longer with Jen Schefft, the woman he proposed to on his finale in 2003. So Jason found out a lot sooner that they were not compatible, and I agree that it is better that he found out now then make a mistake of marrying Melissa and then finding out too late. Yes, I feel bad for Melissa; we have all been there, but WHAT IS SHE NOT TELLING US! As I say, leave him alone, this is not good for his son, and we all know how much Jason loves his son.