Friday, September 5, 2008

Why Vote for a Person because of His/her Race or Gender?

This is not a hate post by all means; I am just expressing things as I have seen for myself in the early years of my life and had been taught. I was born in 1942 and from what I learned as a child is, when the black man was brought here from Africa, the white man perceived him to be an animal and said they had tails. They were treated worse than animals and not allowed to be educated in any way. It is my opinion that we as African Americans have been looked down on by almost everyone, and in fact, I have seen pets treated more like family/humans and with more love then black people who are human beings with brains,feelings and everything any person of any race has. They were created by God, are very capable of learning interacting as decent respectful human beings and becoming great men and women. In fact I would say that in spite of our horrible origin here in the states, we have immersed, into intellectual, fine and strong human beings. Of course, things are a lot better today.

This is a comment I wrote on Brotha Buck’s blog because one of his other commentors seemed to be criticizing him because in one of his previous blog posts, Buck stated he was voting for Obama because he is black.

Voting for Obama because he's black to me is a statement that we would like to see a black man win, mainly because he deserves to and not see a black man who is just as capable of running the country as well as any white man/woman can,lose because he's black and he can't possibly win; he's allowed to run to appease him and/or the blacks.

To see Obama win would tell me that perhaps the country has seen a black man for what he can do, his good qualities, his professionalism, his capabilities and that he is just as capable of running the country as any one can. Actually, it is good to see some blacks supporting one another and coming together as a race to help a fellow black American. Most Black people have been known not to support each other but rather turn their backs on their own race.

I’m sure that many women voted for Hilary because of her being a woman and many people will vote for Palin because she’s a woman.

This is a great country and everybody who has been blessed by God to be a citizen should appreciate being here.


David Cho said...

I have never felt compelled to support Asian candidates in various elections here in California.

But that's just me.

Barak seems like a good man. He is not asking people to vote for him because he is black, but because he is qualified. A man qualified for the presidency. What a concept after 8 years of Bush.

Momma Bear said...

David -- when are you going to blog again. I keep going to your blog spot but you are waaaayyy behind. Get with it!

I know a person should be voted for because they qualified. It's just that we as black people have seen qualified people of our race being looked over for so long, simply because they are black. Most people like to sweep true racism under the rug and call it the "race card" which really erks me because I think they have come up with that so as to try and give themselves an out by attempting to make us feel guilty by simply saying "you are playing the race card." It's not the race card; racism is real and is still current today. I do believe, however, that we have come a very long way and I am very appreciative of that.

I know I sound as though I'm racist, but I believe in call the shots as I see them. I am really not racist; I just happen to have a goal in life and that is to see things, people and circumstance across the board.

Rose said...

Racism is more real today than ever. Most of it is hidden until you see an election like this. Many people will not vote for Obama because of the color of his skin. They will cut their own necks and suffer financial disastor, lost of homes and income and before they put a black man in office. Trust me, many will suffer from economical disastor but they will still blame it on Democrats even with Repulicans being in office for the past 8 years. Obama is qualified and that is why he is getting my vote. I thought McCain was strong until he proved he doesn't make good decisions. He googled Sarah Palin's name as a means of a background check. I do more background checks on my workers than he did on the person he believes should hold the 2nd most powerful position in the country. He googled her.

Momma Bear said...

Rose - that is interesting about McCain googling Palin.

It seems as though since Palin came on the scene, we don't hear much about Obama anymore.