Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Retirement Review

Things are starting to calm down for now. Hopefully I will get a chance to pretty much get used to not going to work. I do, however, plan to take some courses at a local two-year college, at the beginning of next year just to keep myself updated. Who knows, I may just join the people who went back to working part time just because they couldn't afford to live on their social security check. I am in the process of just trying to figure it out according to my budget.

Following is a preview of what I did last week.

Sunday - took a neighbor to the emergency room at Lutheran Hospital.

Monday - Took my dad to the emergency room at Lutheran Hospital.

Tuesday - visited my nephew at Mercy Hospital.

Wednesday - visited my nephew at Lutheran Hospital.

Thursday - visited my niece at Methodist Hospital.

Friday - went to the emergency room at Lutheran Hospital on behalf of my ex-sister-in law.

Saturday - went to church -- God is good and is in the healing process.

My neighbor and my dad are alright and are back home. My nephew is still in the hospital but things are improving. My niece is still in the hospital as she is pregnant and has been put on bed rest to keep the baby from coming too early. My ex-sister-in-law, who lives in a nursing home with Alzheimers disease did not need to be admitted to the hospital.


David Cho said...

Oh my....

I hope they are getting better. You ought to become a doctor!

Momma Bear said...

Thank you David -- I am too old for that. :-)

Brotha Buck said...

You are the sweetest person. And a blessing to all.

Brotha Buck said...
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Momma Bear said...

Thank you, Buck. I wish I was as sweet as you think I am. Some of the things I mentioned in my post here, I complained about doing them; however, I felt bad, prayed to God about my bad attitude and now it's improving somewhat.