Monday, January 21, 2008


Wow, I am learning how to really scrapbook! A co-worker who is very creative and does a lot of scrapbooking in her spare time, invited me to join her for an overnighter and scrapbooking session. I learned so much from her and did not realize I had sooooo many pictures of my grandchildren. I thought that one of my books would be enough to do sections for each grandchild -- WRONG! There is only enough pages to handle some of the pictures of my granddaughters so consequently, I'll have to get a separate scrapbook for the boys.

It is so much fun if you like being creative. It does take quite a while to decorate even one page, but it was fascinating to see how each page cames out after I was finished with it. Although I haven't gotten to the place that my projects look as professional as P's, my co-worker's, I am still excited about the hobby and look forward to doing a whole lot more.

We went to "Hobby Lobby" to get more stuff and they had a sale going. That was not good because when I saw all the things that were on sale, I wanted to buy out the place. unfortunately, I went over the budget, especially when later on in the day, I remembered that I had to purchase some medicine which was equally as expensive. Now I have to pray that I won't be in trouble financially before my next payday.


Christopher M. Beatrice said...

LOL Mz. Gig, you should talk to Lauren, she has recently been bitten by the scrapbooking bug as well. She has scrapbooking stuff everywhere. I am going to start posting some inspirational things on my blog again. So keep after me if you don't see any for awhile. Talk to you soon. Chris

Heather said...

Oh no!! We dragged you into it too!!! LOL

I LOVE to scrapbook and I also make homemade greeting cards. It is SOOOOO addictive!

Glad you have joined the crowd!

john said...

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