Monday, September 10, 2007


A medicare card of all things -- WHAT'S UP WITH THAT???? I don't feel like a person on medicare, and most people say I don't look like it, but here I am the mother of two sons in their forties and two in their thirties. I guess I am a candidate for medicare.

Well, momma bear -- you go on with your medicare while you walk two miles around Grays Lake every chance you get and four miles around every now and then, always on the go; and most of all -- hanging with the LORD. He's the reason I feel the way I do -- like one of the kids ready to run and play. That's the way it is when you hang out with the LORD. He's my rock and salvation, my morning star. I believe in Him and know that he controls my life. It's a good feeling to know that the LORD is in your corner and that you have a good solid relationship with Him and he knows how you feel.