Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I have a grandson who is two and he is such a cutie pie; in fact, sometimes I call him that. He loves for me to come and visit because I play with him. (Did I say "play")? Yes I did. We play a game that he calls "Bonk-a-lonk. That is when we push his little cars and trucks forward and they hit something, we say "BONK"! Sometimes we chase each other around their pool table with two large plastic vehicles and run into each other and again it's "BONK!" I love to make up games to play with him and he loves for me to come and visit (opps I mean "play") with him.

Sometimes we play with his plastic animals from a farm and a Noah's Ark toy that he has. I move them around and make the noises for them. He always makes sure he hides the lion because I think he is kind of scared of him; so when I come to visit and we decide to play with the animals, he will say, "alt oh, where did the lion go?" Since I know where he hides the lion, I bring it out and ask if he wants it, but he says no and so grandma has to put it back in it's hiding place. Sometimes when he comes to visit grandma, he will just out of the blue say "alt oh, where did the lion go?" and then I repeat it; now it has become a part of our playing routine.

Now I have a question: "Alt oh, where did the summer go?"