Monday, April 28, 2008

A Special Visitor

Last week I was at work. I had walked away from my desk when I looked out the window and who did I see? Why my little one year old grandson and his "mommy." I was thrilled and a big smile came across my face. Mommy brought him in and when he saw me, he smiled. He knows his grandma, I make sure of that. Of course "grandma" took him around so everyone could see him, after all, they hear about him and the rest of my grandkids, kids and daughter-in-laws all the time.

I know, I know, I shouldn't be talking to my co-workers all the time about my kids/grandkids, at least my mother used to tell me that. She told me people would get tired of listening to me. That's probably true but I could not help myself. Anyway, he went walking down the hall and I was right in back of him.

Most people say their babies get into everything; I say my grandson investigates everything. He is very smart. We took him outside for a walk and when he saw a van in the parking lot with big tires, he was so excited and kept saying "wheels, wheels, wheels." He identifies objects simply because mom teaches him expecially from books. He has always loved to be read to pretty much from day one.

Anyway, while outdoors, he sat on the sidewalk and discovered some little twigs on the ground and picked up a couple and played with them for a moment. The next day when I arrived at work, I saw one of the twigs and decided that sometime during the day I would pick it up take it home and put it in the scrapbook I'm doing. Later on, while on my way to lunch, I saw a bird in the parking lot with a twig that looked like the one I was after. teasingly I thought, "that bird has my twig" but I wasn't going to chase him for it. However, when I got back from lunch, there was my twig just where it had been all morning, so I picked it up and put it in my purse.

What a crock - huh? Just someone who really loves her grandchildren. :-)

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Rose said...

Oh this is such a special post. I understand the love you have... I don't have grandchildren but I have a neice and I feel pretty much the same way about her.