Thursday, April 22, 2010

Addendum to the Spring Break Post

The last post I wrote was on March 19, 2010 where I shared that my number three son and I had a bet going. It was spring break and we were suppose to go that whole week letting him enjoy the whole week, therefore, getting a break from worrying about me; this is because I was grieving so hard about selling my home of 39 years where I raised all four of my sons. Over the years, the house had many problems, especially in the basement. I have had to get something major done pretty much every five years, meanwhile in between the five years, there were many other things that needed to be done; therefore, I decided to sale my home. After it sold, I found a nice condo; shortly before I moved in I guess reality hit me and I had a complete melt down and lost 15 pounds in the process I guess it didn't occur to me that I would take it so hard. Anyway, we both lost the bet. I saw his name on my caller ID and when I called him back, He denied calling me. I have a new phone and sometimes the names of people who call will show back up in a few days or so. This happened twice and a few days after that, he called and said that he was not going to let anyone tell him when he could call his mother;that he would call anytime he wanted to. You know I got a big kick out of that. Hee hee