Sunday, May 25, 2008

Remembering a Sad Day!

“Did you hear about Sally?” were the words I heard one December morning (12-3-08), when I answered the phone at work. My heart began to sink as I answered “no.” Then the voice at the other end said “she died.” I can still hear those words sometimes in my mind. Unbelief continues to cross my mind at times. I am still very sad to have lost a very good friend who was a devout Christian who had the love of God in her mind and soul, a dedicated prayer warrior and a good influence on me spiritually. Her last words were “call Dr. Jesus.”

Tomorrow (5-26-08) is Memorial Day. I went to the grave yard today to decorate my mother’s grave because it is expected to rain tomorrow. Shortly after putting the flowers on my mother’s grave, my son, who went with me along with his wife and son, helped me to find Sally’s grave. I stood over her grave for a moment and after a few minutes could not stand there any longer. I didn't decorate it because I knew that she wouldn't have wanted it. I think she didn't believe in going out to decorate graves. It may have had something to do with the Scripture when Jesus told one of his Disciples to "let the dead bury their own dead."

Here is a poem I wrote in her honor.

Why Did You Leave?

Why did you leave us?
You were so dear.
God said he would not put on
us any more than we could bear.

The Lord swooped down
One day to take you away.
This was not real, so it seemed
I hoped and hoped it was a bad dream.

I was livid and did not understand
Why such an Angel as you
was taken from our land.

Did I question God as to why
You had to go?

I ask His forgiveness for answers
I need not know.

I need to trust that He knows the way.
The plans for us he has already made.