Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Obama's Anger Problem?

This morning I came across a news item on the internet that is entitled "Obama's Anger Problem." However, as I began to read it, I was surprised to see that people are complaining about the fact that he does NOT get angry and not only are they are calling this weakness but are calling Obama a wuss among other things. Now they are using this lame excuse for trying to say he could not run this country. I see this as another way to try and sabatoge his campaign. What will they come up with next?

Below is the comment I made on the site where I read this ignorance:

I'm sorry that people cannot see that someone who does not act like a raving maniac like everyone seems to want him to do, is something other than weakness. I believe that Obama has class and he knows how to carry himself well. I see that as being a strong person because anyone who can put up with the grief he has been getting from all of you without loosing his cool is a very strong person and would be someone we would need to run this country like the sane adult that he is. I think that too many of you are watching too much of the violence on television that is dominating this country and that is sad because that seems to be what is causing a lot of the real violence, killing, etc. It's about time we are able to see and start to appreciate someone who can keep his cool and not act like an animal.

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Brotha Buck said...

I am glad that Obama shows restraint. And I think he, at least tries, to take the higher ground. But there are so many against him, even in his own party.