Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Tomorrow September 18, 2008 will be the birthday of a very special person in my life. He is a great basketball player; in fact, he beats his dad all the time. He excels in Karati (sp), in fact, he's an all around athlete. My special person gets pretty much all "A's" at the Christian school he attends; and He loves "Spiderman." Even though he has to be redirected from time to time, gets his dad into trouble, keeps mommy in line, doesn't like to kiss his grandmothers because we are "old and have gray hair," doesn't like to be told he's cute, even though he is a cutie with big pretty eyes that talk, he's a pretty special kid if I have to say so myself. My special little man will be seven-years-old and I wish I could be there to share his birthday with him.

Who is this special young man?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY "K," Buck's little son. I LOVE YOU, from Grandma "Momma Bear."


heavens children said...

I read your blog about the cradle roll program. I would like to teach the childen at my daycare about Jesus and I would like to use the cradleroll program to do it can you share your program ideas with me? from charlotte

Momma Bear said...

Wow, I am delighted that you read my blog. Refresh my memory of what date the post was. I will be glad to share with you about the cradle roll program.

The kids in that class are 0-6 years old. I no longer teach that class unless the regular teacher is not there.

I used to have song service where we would try to sing action songs (maybe about three songs). Then I would ask someone to pray or I would do it myself. We would then read our lesson story for the month. Every month we get a little kind of like a newsletter called "Our Little Friend" and we would read and/or review the story and then they had a memory verse they had to learn. We would then perhaps do an activity that sometimes had to do with the days lesson or just a religious craft activity; or a little skit of the story we were studying; or perhaps watch a little cartoon (i.e., Veggie Tales) and end with a little snack. Of course I took up an offering from the kids who brought money on that day.

One of our action songs involved blowing bubbles and singing a song called "It's a bubbling in my soul." We did one called "I'm in the Lord's Army, "This little light of mine," using little plastic frog lamps, where we would turn off the lights, turn on our lamps and go around the room singing the song." Sometimes we would play Bible Hangman, they really like that and Musical Chairs using Biblical children's music.

For behaviors, I would draw faces on the board, write the criteria on the board of what I expected of them and read it to them. I would put their names by each circle and at the end of the day, they could earn a happy face, a "I don't know" face or a sad face and their parents could come in after Sabbath School and see how they were during class or I would draw an apple tree on the board with an apple for each student with their name on it and if they misbehaved, their apple would fall off the tree, but of course they could improve their behaviors and get the apple back on. This was very affective.