Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Wallet

Received an e-mail this morning from Mrs. Buck (whose dad had come to visit the family last week); it read:

Your First Born was complaining to my dad last week because I accidentally washed his wallet. It completely fell apart and all of his cards, money and stuff were scattered throughout the washing machine. He said I owed him a new wallet. Well, I didn’t go get one so, he got a new one himself. This morning he showed it to "K" and said, “It’s Mommy’s job to check all of my pockets before she washes my clothes!” I said, “No, it is your job to empty your pockets before your clothes go in the hamper (if they make it there).” "K" said, “I agree with Dad!” I told Buck that I was going to tell his mom on him, so there!
Mom says -- "We women must stick together; therefore, he needs to empty his pockets before they end up on the floor, I mean in the hamper." That's Brotha Buck for you. ha, ha

Related thought: Wonder what her dad's reaction to that was.


Rose said...

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David Cho said...


I can picture Buck doing just that.

Momma Bear said...

David -- I thought you would get a kick out of this post. ha, ha, ha

San Nakji said...

Buck's right! Mrs Buck owes him a new wallet! The law is very clear on this. The law of deluded husbands... :)

Momma Bear said...

San najki -- you are too funny -- hee hee - I will just have to agree to disagree with you on that one. :-)

Rosemarie said...

In all fairness if Mrs. Buck does decide to check the wallets does she get to keep everything she cash.

You've been nominated!

Miscellaneous Matters

Momma Bear said...

Actually, Rosemary -- I believe Mrs. Buck meant that he needs to check his pockets to make sure the wallet is not in there before he puts them in the hamper to be washed.