Monday, July 30, 2007

A Day filled with Different Emotions

My emotions have been all over the place today. At one point I was feeling pretty onery; sending e-mails to a co-worker in an effort to gross her out, simply because I have been feeling that way of late. Last week I received an e-mail from a friend. The contents was referring to the preparation of foods in Chinese Restaurants. I love Chinese food; and have enjoyed eating at one of my favorite dining establishments here in town with a group of co-workers who gather there with me occasionally to celebrate each other's birthdays. I don't know how much of this e-mail is true but there were attachments with pictures showing rats being prepared as a popular dish there and the pictures were similar to an entre I have favored over the years. Since I don't indulge in eating pork, I usually choose chicken dishes. After reading the e-mail sent to me; I began to wonder if in fact, I have been eating chicken.

This e-mail is not meant to offend anyone nor is it meant to be racist. I am an African-American and am very familiar with racism. After thinking about this and feeling somewhat grossed out, the thought came to mind that people all over the world are different. The food preparation in many different cultures, while they may be very tasteful, may seem gross to someone of another culture. Americans eat racoons, rabbit, pig, and other things that may seem gross to other races. I have heard the dog and cat stories regarding Asians and definitely African-Americans eat pigs feet and Chitlins which I believe are intestines in animals.

Speaking of being grossed out, the other day I was sitting on my couch watching television. I stood up and turned around to see something run across it. It looked to be a waterbug which I haven't seen for years. When I moved the pillow, whatever it was dashed across the rest of the couch. It was gray and appeared to be a healthy looking mouse. I have had to depend on my faith in God just to be able to go into the living room, however, I haven't sat on the couch since. I can't imagine what could have attracted whatever it was because I keep my garbage out, dishes done, etc. However, during the last snow storm, my awning on the front door fell off and it broke the wooden border around the front door and I am in the process of trying to make arrangements to get it fixed, but in the meantime, who knows what could have squeezed through the small opening at the doorway. Therefore, just thinking about that has had me grossed out for several days.

Speaking of being ornery, I was out in front of the office watering the flowers and across the street was a man up at the top level of an apartment complex putting in new windows and painting. Oh, how I wanted to take the hose and sprayer and just turn it up towards him and squirt him. That would have cracked me up, but it's a blessing the spray on the hose wouldn't have reached him because I don't know that man from Adam.

Lastly, after I got home from work, I thought about another e-mail I received from a co-worker that had the obituary of a former co-worker who just died of ALS last Thursday. He was a pleasant person, one of whom I kidded with a lot when he worked with us before he retired. All of a sudden I became saddened and tears began to swell up within me. I would definitely say this was a day filled with different emotions.

Have a blessed day to all of you.


Rose said...

Yes you did go through a host of emotions. Nut what would life be like if we didn't? I saw that Chinese email. I too was grossed out. I would hope that people who have restaurants would not do anything to feed people things that are not our custom knowing we don't want it. I only eat fake crab meat in rice, because I don't even trust the chicken that is cut up in the rice. Or I eat brocolli rice. I want to know what it is that I am eating. I would never force my custom on others. So I do hope that email is bogus.

Momma Bear said...

Rose -- I do too because I love Chinese food.

Rosemarie said...

It was certainly a full day!