Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Shopping for Mother's Day Gifts

Even though my sons and their wives tell me that since I am the mother/grandmother, I don't need to buy them gifts, however, I do so anyway. I have three daughter-in-laws whom I love, and perceive to be "A number one" mothers. I love recognizing them for their excellent parenting skills of my grandchildren, the love they give to my sons and the things they do for and with me.

This year, one of the stores I went to was having a terrific sale. Many of the cosmetics, lotions, bath products, etc., were name brand items and were marked way down. I was able to get the girls nice toiletries, etc., plus, something for my step-mom and a birthday gift for a friend for only $20.00. Everyone should be pleased with the gifts they will receive from me.

Two of my daughter-in-laws reside in different states. I packaged up the gifts to send to the one who lives in Texas. When I went to the post office to buy postage; it cost more to send the gift than the actual cost of it. I found that to be amusing, but it is okay with me because I have an opportunity to let three people who mean a lot to me, that I appreciate them for being themselves and for all that they do. I will be visiting one of my sons who lives in Minnesota; so I will be able to give his wife her gift in person. May the Lord truly bless each and everyone of them and my whole family. For those of you who read this post; may the Lord also bless you and yours. Have a blessed Mother's Day out there to all of you mothers/grandmothers/step mothers, foster mothers/and guardians.

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