Monday, May 18, 2009


Tonight I watched one of my favorite T.V. shows, "One Tree Hill." I would say it is a night time soap opera. Actually, as a small tot I was sort of raised listening to soaps and later, watching them with my grandmother. As an adult, over the years I have enjoyed the story lines, drama, etc., as I have sporatically watched them.

During the past few years, I have become disappointed in most of the programming, on television, simply because it consists of mostly murder pictures. It seems as though from 6:30pm on, it's murder mystery after murder mystery until the 10:00 news comes on then we have to see and hear true storys about murder.

Getting back to "One Tree Hill," I was elated as I watched it tonight, and it made me happy to see that something wonderful happened to everyone in the story. Maybe the plot ended tonight, I don't know but the whole hour was beautiful because it reminded me that wonderful things can happen on television shows and it's not boring to watch.

Earlier today, I attended a funeral of an old friend. His wife,(P.D.) my ex-husband and I were running buddies years ago. The two husbands worked at the same company and we did everything together. After my divorce, I continued to be a good friend, however, we didn't keep in touch nearly as much. Several years ago, I attended their 25th wedding anniversary, and it was such a beautiful and happy occasion. My heart really goes out to P.D. because over the years, she has lost three children, her sister, a sister-in-law and now her beloved husband. She is a lovely person and a very strong woman.

As I watched "One Tree Hill" tonight, it delighted me to see a program where good things actually happened to almost everyone on the show and the plot came out great. However, at times, my mind went back to the sad event of the day. It was kind of strange how you can feel happiness one minute, and sadness the next. Watching "One Tree Hill" tonight did help me quite a bit because it made me smile for quite some time. It would be nice to see more of what I saw tonight and to think that people would actually enjoy that type of programming more often.

I will keep praying for P.D. and her family; hoping that the Lord will bring them peace, love and joy for the rest of their lives and pour out nothing but good blessings to them.

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