Friday, March 19, 2010


Sometimes when I wake up in the moring, before I get out of bed and say my prayer and devotion, I think of something that will make me start to laugh. Usually it is something that one of my grandkids have done, but this time it was my number three son. I have sort of a bet going on with him. He's on Spring break from work and because number two son and his family are out of town and the other two brothers live out of town; he feels a responsibility to make sure I'm not lonely; he has been calling twice a day and showing up over here or taking me some where. The funny part of it is he tried to arrange for me to go out of town, either to Texas or Minnesota, but because of the expenses and last minute planning, it didn't work out. The reason he wants me to go on a vacation so he can have a vacation from worrying about me; therefore, I told him to take the rest of this week (Spring Break) to do what he wants to do; after all he has his own life. Just act as though I left town. We took a bet to see if he could do it without contacting me and that I could do it without needing to call him and without being co-dependent. Yesterday when I got home from my activities and errands, I checked my caller ID and saw his number on it, but when I called him he immediately said "are you missing me or something?" I said "no" I saw your number on my caller ID; and asked if he called and he said "no." I asked him if he missed me and he denied it. I have a new phone and sometimes it will bring up calls that came in perhaps a week or so ago. I will let you all in on the results as soon as they are in. :-) This is halarious.