Thursday, July 2, 2009

Goodbye Michael

I am deeply saddened at the sudden death of Michael Jackson. While I thank the Media for showing positive things about his life; I'm sorry they feel the need to over emphasize the negative. I am so sick of watching the them play and replay Michael dangling his baby over the ledge out the window. GIVE US A BREAK!!! They really need to let Michael rest in peace. He was a great singer/performer, so why not show us some films when he received music awards time after time after time and the overwhelmingly happy look on his face as he received them and the reactions of the other famous people in the audience as they clapped for him. I believe there were extinuating circumstances that led him to do some of the things he did that were disturbing to the public. I really wish he could see the outpouring of sadness his many, many, many fans have shown since his sudden death. I hope the media will leave his children alone and not make their lives miserable like they did Michaels. I never did believe he was guilty of the crimes in which he was accused. I believe those two accusations against him were the beginning of what eventually caused his death. I always liked him and am very sorry he is gone. May he rest in peace and find solice in the Lord.

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