Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What a close call that was!

This evening I had two friends whom I grew up with at the house for a visit. We all attend the same church and have pretty near the same religious values but maybe a little different in some areas. We gathered this evening to do a bit of scrapbooking. Two of us love crafts and even though the third person of our little group is not quite into the crafts, we were able to enjoy the evening as our conversations went from one subject to another, all topics relating to faith and the love and trust of God.

The conversation went from our childhood and an amusing story of how one of the girls, S, and her sister lived down the street from us and on every Christmas morning, they would come to our house and see what we got and show us what they got. Sometime before the morning was over, S would manage to break one of my dolls or one of my brother's toys. Since we have gotten older, we have had a big joke about that. She always claims she was a scientist and was curious as to how the doll's eyes would open and shut, then she says in an amusing manner "why take the head off of my own doll to experiment?" You would actually have to hear us joke about it to really gain the amusment of the story. Actually I brought it up because I wanted to tell her how my seven month old grandson is already turning over his toys as if to investigate how they are made.

We touched on our Seventh Day Sabbath keeping, as we are Seventh-Day Adventists, then went on to how Spirituality has been taken out of the schools and yet, Halloween, an annual activity that is supposed to be of Satan, is allowed and no one says anything about it. The conversation then turned to the war and the United States, Iran, Iraq, Kwait, and how all of this relates to prophecy. We drifted on to talking about various evangelists on TBN and that conversation went on for a good season.

Then somehow while discussing things that bring on fear to each of us, I shared that one of our students at the school where I'm employed brought a snake in after having a walk with the class, and started to pull it out of her slieve to show it to me. I am highly frightened to snakes and exclaimed to her not to show it to me, and when she went to another room, I left the building and went to another building of our organization to finish out the day. This lead the conversation to the other two girls expressing their fear of bugs and mice, etc. One of my friends shared a story of how she would react if she went to a person's house to witness about the Bible and discovered mice. My other friend began to share her fear of mice and how she never wants to run into any at a friend's house or anywhere else. S. noticed that my eyes got big and said she thought I was reacting to their mouse tales but little did they both know that because I live in a wooded area and since we have been getting colder weather, I saw a mouse going across the floor one night last week. It startled me because I too am scared of them. I moved and it ran so that told me they are as afraid of me as I am of them. Several times since, I have prayed that there aren't any mice in my house, and all the while we were having our conversations of fear, I was praying to God that he would not allow a mouse to run across the floor. God heard my prayer and the girls were able to go home after enjoying a nice visit with me and without my critter imposing himself upon us while we visited.


David Cho said...

Given people's mobility all over the county and the world, I am amazed at how anyone can get together regularly with childhood friends.

Sounds like a good time.

Mama Bear should just trample those mice :)

Rose said...

It's wonderful to be able to reminise with good friends. Glad the mice stayed away.

Oricon Ailin said...

What a wonderful story! I have many fears too. I am petrified of needles. It takes everything in me just to go get a shot or have blood drawn. I panic and my blood pressure goes up and the doctor then panics. It's always a *joy* when I see a needle. *sarcastic here*

But, we get mice here too. There isn't much you can do. They get cold and hungry too and I guess they just need a place to go. Think of it this way, a little mouse is also one of God's creatures. Perhaps you could think of it that way and realize that the little thing is just looking for a warm place to hang out. But, I know how fear can really take us over. It happens to me a lot too. *HUGS*

But, I am soooo glad that you got to visit with your friends and have a pleasant evening. I wish I lived near you, I LOVE scrapbooking and card making. Maybe we should share ideas sometime.

*HUGS* and blessings!


Brotha Buck said...

You shouldn't have to put up with mice! Come to Texas and sleep with the lizards like you got some sense.

Rosemarie said...

Any animal that I don't buy food for is never welcome here, especially those that crawl!

I can imagine the fellowship and flow of conversation. Treasure those moments Momma Bear.